Monday, August 22, 2005

Oz Day 047.

A whole bunch of fragmented thoughts while I take a break from applying for jobs. Have done the newspaper clippings, and will move to hitting the job websites after this blog entry.


Big bold headlines across page 4 of The Western Australian on Saturday 20 August 2005 :

"Our MPs' pay tops the nation"

The article expressed mild outrage that WA politicans are being paid as much as A$265k per year. John Howard makes over A$288k a year. Ministers make about A$200k while backbenchers make about A$120k per year.

I am highly amused at the tone of of the article. I know of certain government politicians (and government civil servants) who legitimately and in a corrupt-free manner, make more in a month than John Howard makes in a year!


It is a good day today.

Another short and easy shift. The store manager on duty made a mistake reading the manpower roster and called in more drivers than required for a Monday shift. So I jumped at the opportunity for a short night when he was hesitantly going around asking if one of the drivers would like to call it an early night. Do not know why I am so irrationally happy to have some time off, considering that I am being paid on a casual basis by the hour and by the delivery!


Good news from Singapore too.

D. cleared all her papers from the last exam in pursue of the
technical certification she is after. Including a particularly bothersome module that she had been doggedly trying to clear in multiple repeated attempts over the last year. This gives her a clear shot to complete the last hurdle of her qualifications this year-end. Even after factoring in the extreme difficulty level and the (statistically) high fail rates, she should get a reasonable chance at completing by end-2006.

I am so proud of her. Not just for the achievements, but more also for the persistence to perserve through some really rough times to get to where she is now.


According to data from other applicants culled from austimeline, and cross-referencing with information from Australia migration forums, it seems that DIMIA is rather backlogged. An educated guess would have the DIMIA case officer coming back on D.'s application sometime in early-October. We have done all we can for the application. All that remains is to patiently (or try to patiently) wait.


A few days ago, a few of us pizza drivers were having a conversation during a lull moment. Lively debate on whether we should lock our cars when making quick stops (typically under 5 minutes) to drop off a pizza delivery. ( Most of us run old cars which do not have remote or central locking. )

I fall under the opinion that it is not worth the trouble locking the car. There is nothing in the car worth stealing. Unless the there is an unknown booming market for original stock car radios for 1992 Fords. And the time it would take to bypass the mandatory electronic immobliser (required by law) would be more than enough for me to get back to yell at someone mucking with the car.

In practice, I do not even bother to kill the lights when I stop to make a delivery. Helps me to find the car again in dark. And when popping out to check the tiny and faded address numbers on maiboxes in the dark, I do not even bother to kill the engine!

The best protection from someone who would steal from you, is to have nothing worth stealing. And if someone is hungry or desperate enough to steal a couple of pizzas.. well, leaving the car unlocked should be my willing contribution against world hunger.


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