Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oz Day 032.

Just got off after a few hours at the pizza job and I suddenly remembered that it has been a while since I last blogged. It has been over a month in Perth. Time to take a checkpoint and evaluate..

Financial status.

Reserves are still dwindling. The pizza job is defraying some of the cost, but it is not sufficient to pay for living expenses. Especially with the high cost of rental of the car - which is unfortunately rather essential to get around for last-minute interviews in far-off places (and for the pizza job). The situation is not stable yet. However I am still more than a few weeks from being down to my last $130 dollars yet, let alone
that last $13.


No job offers on the table yet. I have two "hot" possibilities that I am hoping to close early next week - resulting in stable income. I am taking a big risk by delaying on closing the lesser opportunity, in order to have a shot at closing a better possibility. [ I did not leave Singapore behind only to bring with me the kia-su and kia-see attitude, even in these difficult times. ] The waiting game is killing me with impatience. Couple of other recruiter leads, but they have not even reached employer interview stage yet. Too restless to keep at filling the jobhunt pipeline, at least until I know how the two hot leads I have turn out next week. The recruitment process here works a bit slower than Singapore. I am still getting recruiters call me about applications I made up to two weeks ago!


Okay for the moment. The rent is low enough that I do not have to worry about being evicted in the short run. The biggest expense is the car rental at the moment. After I land stable work, I would have to look at moving (again) to somewhere near the workplace. Once I can afford it, I would not mind a little more luxury and comfort with respect to living conditions.

Frankly that entire last few paragraphs of updates say very much of nothing. Nothing that matters anyway.

D. sums it up succinctly when she commented over a rare phone call that I sound so much happier and cheerful, as compared to when I was in Singapore. I am still the same person, with the same challenges, armed with the same attitude - yet something seems to be changing.
AF asked the pivotal question over email, "Are you happy?". The answer is I do not know yet. I miss D. dreadfully, but there is something I am experiencing now that was missing in Singapore. A sense of focus, of possibility, of hope. The short term goal is is to establish a stable situation for myself here. The mid term goal is to help pave as smooth a migration transition for D. as possible next year.


And immediate goal is to do things that make me smile.

Like beach-crawling.

Never heard of it? Well, beach-crawling is like pub-crawling. With a minor difference or two. Start with a sunny winter afternoon. Remove shoes and socks. Drive to the beach. Walk on the beach. Note texture of warm sand in between your toes. Watch seagulls, chase them if you wish. Sit down and listen to the waves. Get back in car and blast the air-conditioning and radio. Drive to next beach. Repeat process until a silly wide grin breaks out on your face. Vary the routine by patting friendly dogs out on walks and/or saying g'day to their humans. Challenge yourself by searching for the coldest ice-cream. Or seeing how many people you can walk by in beachfront supermarkets before somebody glances down and notices you are hopping around barefoot on the cold supermarket tiles in the freezer section while looking at different icecream brands. Of course, beach-crawling is like
Calvinball - you sort of have to make up the rules as you go along.

For what will it profit a man if he gains fancy titles and a huge pile of paper money, but loses the feel of warm sand between his toes, the taste of freezing cold icecream, and the ability to play Calvinball?
Or something like that from The Bible (somewhere in Mutt-hew I think).. your interpretation may vary. [ You do find God in the least unexpected places, you know. ]


Blogger miss jurisfiction said...

Sounds like its really tough in WA. I was contemplating an overseas internship in Perth this Dec. I should make that a fleeting thought.

August 07, 2005 11:38 PM  
Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

Life can be tough anywhere.

I think the trick may be to find a place where there is a better fit with your personal value system.

August 08, 2005 2:43 PM  

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