Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oz Day 018.

Hanging out with Liana and Jelts and their friends from the old place they were staying at.. feels like getting hit by a truck. In a good way. These folks really live the meaning of the phrase Carpe Diem when partying. [ Note to self: Carp diem does not mean "eat the fish". ]

Thanks to these wonderful folks, I now have the dubious record of attending my first ever interview (at a late-night pizza place) after about four shots of straight vodka, couple of beers chasing more vodkas and cheap wine. The store manager never called me back, come to think of it..

Watching those crazy folks dancing like lunatics to the music, putting up feet on tables, and getting so boisterous that we had the pub bouncers tell us to cool it more than a few times.. it feels downright hedonistic. We certainly knew we overstayed our welcome when we saw six burly guys (some with ear pieces and radios) suddenly assembling discreetly in the background of the pub, preparing for trouble.

It has been too long a time since I have seen grownups take to life with such unrestrained joy. Or maybe I have been too jaded and dulled by years of practising restraint that I have forgotten sheer delight, chemically-enhanced or otherwise.

Or to be less philosophical, I probably just need another beer and vodka..


So you can figure I am disappointed that I will not get to share a house with them after all. Due to changes in their plans, they will be leaving Perth in a couple weeks back to Singapore. So looks like I am on my own when it comes to finding somewhere cheaper to stay.

Priorities for next week:
  • find cheaper place to stay to stretch out the funds
  • follow up on recruiter meetings and keep applying for direct jobs
  • get casual work to be able to continue to afford rent and food
  • have fun, laugh and experience exhilarating happiness
[ I am still working on the correct order of that list. ]

Best advice I have had from an Aussie this week:
"Around here, you say what you feel. Including telling the c*nt to f*ck off."


Blogger Patricea Chow said...

*haha* you finally have a taste of living life the way we did before the hapyp couple left for Oz. Life's all about working AND playing hard, because after all it is too short to be taken so seriously. Hope you find a place soon!

July 24, 2005 4:23 PM  
Blogger elyrie said...

you sound like you're reliving your college days!

July 26, 2005 7:11 AM  
Anonymous mel said...

so glad that you're having fun, you do sound much happier :D

July 26, 2005 9:14 AM  
Anonymous San said...

Oh my goodness, you've gone over there!!! I envy you :)) As the Aussies would say, Good on ya mate! It's Tuesday, my game is down for the next 24 hours, I was on riceandsoup and read that you'd made the big move, you certainly sound like you're having fun so far. =]

(I hope you remember me and not figure me for some weirdo stalker... lol)

July 27, 2005 1:17 AM  
Blogger vandice said...

Regression perhaps to happier times? Do you feel more carefree in a big land? Days are still short now rite? I won't say have fun. But I wish you success in job-hunting and may you get a nice cheap place to stay in.

July 28, 2005 6:07 AM  

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