Friday, May 06, 2005

Fragments 06.

Australian Merlion

Check out the Australia Computer Society webpage where ongoing applicants for Skilled Assessment for Migration are directed to check the application status. Take a close look at the left side of the banner across the top of the page.

Why is the Merlion in the background of the banner across the Australia Computer Society webpage used for processing potential immigrants to Australia? Or are they just catering to their primary audience?

Overseas Students

Two views from Singapore students who are currently overseas talk about Singapore and if they would return.

I suppose you’re now wondering if I am willing to come back to Singapore, either to live or to work. I don’t know.
- The Drunken Taxicab, blog entry
A letter to mr brown

Since I started schooling over here, I’ve been telling everyone, “I’m going home after I graduate.”
- Singapore Watch, blog entry
Is the Grass really Greener on the Other Side?

Police Clearance Check

In the ongoing Immigration Chronology series at Bohemian Philosophy, there is a good piece on getting through the
Singapore and Malaysia police certificates from the viewpoint of an onshore PR visa applicant already currently resident in Australia.

MODL changes

Upcoming changes in the Migration Occuptation in Demand List to include additional trade occupations. The PDF press release for April 2005 has the details. However there is no confirmed date to implement the next MODL changes yet.

Country Reports

My Olive Tree highlights an interesting (US-centric) resource which complies country reports which provide a snapshot to investigate long-term residency locations. Reminiscent of the International Living website.

Singaporean Illegals

Press release from DIMIA on 28 April 2005 reports "Dawn Operation Locates Thirty-Five Illegals Near Robinvale". The same story reported on News Ltd as "Illegal immigrants found on farm". Some background detail (positive spin) about the Robinvale area from The Age. [bugment to bypass registration]

What is interesting is that six of the 35 illegal migrants arrested and held in immigration detention are Singaporeans (and 26 Malaysians and 3 PRC). No other details were immediately available.

There is an untold story here that I personally find fascinating. Why would Singaporeans risk running afoul of Australia immigration law to work and live on an Australia farm? And as an illegal migration, you would have no access to healthcare, no protection from labour law and constantly looking over your shoulder in fear of DIMIA enforcers. What could be the circumstances that would result in such a decision being a viable option?


Anonymous Lisa said...

That's the most frustrating thing about the "Singapore illegals" story. Not an advocate for illegal working status but on the other hand, I couldn't help pitying them.

I went to the specialist to get an update of my blood condition. A ten minutese consultation cost $90.00. No prodding, no further check up etc. I will probably get a refund from the medibank insurance (overseas health insurance) but it cost us $900.00 - 6 months coverage - to begin with. The way I see it, it's a lose lose situation for me. Yet I don't have a choice ....

May 06, 2005 10:03 AM  
Blogger C said...

Great observation about the merlion in the ACS site. I guess many Aussie IT professionals aspire to expatriate status in the Lion City... not that i blame them! Fat salary, free lodging, locals throwing themselves at your feet for the most part, and oh, cheap and good food, cheap and good travel. Heh.

May 06, 2005 6:07 PM  

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