Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fragments 01.

Some fragments of information that may be of use to fellow travellers along a similar journey. Not exactly the stuff that has primary influence on decisions. More of the auxiliary support information.

There is a great danger of the
confirmation bias. Anybody who has negative (or contradictory) evidence, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.



The Sunday Times
two-part feature (28 September, 5 October 2003), on Singapore emigrants in Perth.


AXA Retirement Scope

AXA did a
global survey involving 15 industralised countries, interviewing over 9300 people on retirement views and issues. Mainly soft data (attitudes, perceptions, beliefs) but there is also hard data on retirement income levels and sources of retirement income.

TODAY Singapore article (25 February 2005) reported on the survey from
the Singapore perspective. The Straits Times did not pick up on this news item.

THE AGE (24 February 2005) reported the survey from
the Australian perspective. [ Use bugmenot to bypass registration. ]


Australian Migration Research

DIMIA research on
The Experience of Migrants. Part of a much wider series of published research on Australia migrant issues (both immigration and emigration).

Sydney Morning Herald (13 January 2005) article puts
positive spin on the DIMIA reports. [ Use bugmenot to bypass registration. ]


Focus on the 40-plus

The Sunday Star (27 February 2005) article on the
situation of older workers in Singapore. Archived on Seah Chiang Nee personal site.


New Zealand citizenship requirement changes

Identity (Citizenship and Travel Documents) Bill has been proposed to the New Zealand parliament on 17 June 2004. It is still currently under debate, but is expected to be passed in early 2005.

The most significant proposed change is to increase the residency requirements by Permanent Residents in order to apply for New Zealand citizenship. After the Bill is passed, the residency requirements go up from 3 years to 5 years before citizenship.


On the personal front: Still job hunting. And bored. Spending a lot of time online.


Blogger True Flight said...

I just clicked on your links. I read the Today article but did not read the full AXA report - some difficulty downloading it.

Too bad the Today article did not clarify what it meant by "retirement income". I wonder if there is some confusion between retirement income and retirement savings.

One could have low retirement income, but plenty of retirement savings, sufficient to last the rest of his life.


A Singaporean, Mr Tan, retires, gets all his CPF money, puts everything in his bank together with his other savings.

He finds that he has $1,500,000 in the bank, a significant sum. That's his retirement savings, and it's not a small sum.

His retirement income, however, is small. It is 1% p.a bank interest, which, if you divide by 12 months, is about $1250.

Notwithstanding this, he'll probably get by quite well, because he has adequate savings to last many, many years. The capital sum of $1,500,000 will last him a long time.

Compare his situation to someone who, say, gets a monthly pension of $1500 but has little or no savings. This person has a higher retirement income than Mr Tan (because $1500 is higher than $1,250). However, his financial situation is actually much more precarious than Mr Tan's.

March 06, 2005 1:24 AM  

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