Monday, January 31, 2005

Datapoints Perth 08.

Subject: Stuck in the Sand. Perth log Day 07.

One week apart and I am missing the SO already. On one of the more deserted beaches at Freo, there was this couple so engrossed in a hug that they seemed oblivious to the sand and wind howling around them, or the wave crashing at their feet, or the few other people on the beach.

Another snippet of the conversation Jelts and I previously had:

"So are you ready to move here permanently?"
"Not until [the SO] is ready to move."
"Do you love [the SO] enough to stay in a totalitarianism state?"

"That's cool then."

There was not even a micro-second pause between the Jelts' last question and my answer.

Some things you just know.

(And I am not sure Singapore would qualify strictly as a totalitarianism state either.)


Yesterday morning was spent wandering the shopping and retail areas of the city. Not much difference from wandering around it in the dark. Malls look pretty much the same to me in whichever big city I am in.

Walked down London Court. It is part of the tourist belt which was built in the style of an old English castle. It looked incongruous with almost every shop hanging out an Australian flag and all the signs in the windows proclaiming "100% Australian owned and made". There was even a petition poster that said "Much as we hate to admit it, there is something the poms do better than us". It was part of grassroot movement to get Perth to sink the rail system underground (ala London) to allow for more above ground developments.

Took the train to Armadale. No fare gates even for the primary hub station at Perth. Armadale is quite a distance from the city centre by train. In the daylight, Armadale looks like any other suburb (perhaps a little more scruffy). Without being able to drive around the area and to check it out at night, I am unable to get a good "feel" of the place.


The whole gang had lunch at one of Fremantle's famous fish-and-chips shop. Cannot remember what is called now but it is supposed to be on all the tourist maps. One of my travel mates detected a tone of racism (against Asians) in the lady serving the customers, but I was oblivious to any muted undercurrent of discrimination. As long as my food is the same as everybody else's I do not really care one way or another. And I figure if I do not like the service I will just take my consumer dollar somewhere else the next time.

On the way back checking out the beaches north of Fremantle, the fully loaded station wagon weighing in excess of 1.5 tons got bogged down in about a foot of soft sand at one of the beaches' unpaved car parks. Our amateurish attempts to dig the car out, push the car out, jack up the wheels and shove planks and stones to provide traction (as suggested by a helpful local couple) were all in vain. Then this surf dude pulls up with his girl in his dusty 4WD and offers us a tow out of the fix we city folks drove ourselves into.

Was thinking that if a couple handfuls of sand in a city beach carpark can leave me stranded and helpless - I have a lot more to learn about adapting to this land. And I am not even referring to heading anywhere outside the major population centres! This little incident reminds me of that hapless clueless female in the Australian bush in that movie Crocodile Dundee.

A lousy city beach carpark!
We could have at least got stranded somewhere more exotic!


Blogger Calamity Man said...

i'll be adding you to my blog since youre nice to my sis and jelts and also on the account that we're gonna be neighbours in the future anyway.

January 31, 2005 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come not married ah? 10 years already right?

February 01, 2005 3:38 PM  

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