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Datapoints Perth 02.

Subject: population demographics

Source data is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001 Census Basic Community Profile and Snapshot. The document was published 19 November 2002. The data is for the Western Australia area only.


Western Australia (WA) is an area covering about a third of the Australia "island" land mass (mostly desert) and almost 4,000 times the size of Singapore. However most of the population of 1.8 million are centered in and around the Perth metro area (1.3 million or ~75%). I am not sure about the moon being bigger in other countries, but the land is sure a lot bigger in WA!


It is a high migrant area. Almost 30% of the resident population is born overseas. About the same ratio as Singapore. [ The difference is that 86% of the population in Australia comprises of citizens as compared to Singapore (under 75%). ] About 50% of the population have at least one parent born overseas, and 35% have both parents born overseas.

Extremely diverse culturally. Migrants from all over the place. Largest group from the UK area (201k), followed by NZ (45k), Italy (23k), Malaysia (17k), South Africa (15k) and India (13k). The migrants with 5k to 10k population include Netherlands, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Ireland, Indonesia, Poland, USA, Philippines, China, Croatia and Yugoslavia.

Age distribution.

Unlike Singapore which has a population which will 'gray' (turn above 55) dramatically in the next 5-10 years, the population age distribution is WA is more balanced in WA. This has significant implications for resource allocation issues like elder healthcare, pension systems and even social security (and Singapore's CPF withdrawal).

Median age = 34
Mean household size = 2.6


Population is well educated. 85% have reached Year 12 (equivalent to Singapore JC2). 12% of population have at least a degree compared to Singapore's 25%-30%.


The income distribution by age does not hint to any structural unemployment issues. Wage levels distributions remain quite constant from ages 20 to 64, peaking around 35-45 age group. Wages decay dramatically after 65, when the Australia pension scheme kicks in.

Median weekly individual income = $300-$399
Median weekly household income = $700-$799
Median weekly family income = $800-$999

Labour market.

From the labour force industry distribution, there does not seem to be much of a market for information technology. With the large number of IT graduates been produced from the WA universities for the Asia market, getting a decent WA job in IT may not be easy.

IT literacy rate is terrible, imho. 52% of population does not use a computer at home. 56% of population do not use the internet. Only a mere 6% are connected to the Internet both at home and at work.


85% of population live in a landed property (single house). 8% live in semi-detached, terrace or townhouses type development. Only 4% live in apartment or flats - my preferred form of low-maintenance accommodations. 35% of population own their roof outright, and 30% are still paying a mortgage on their accomodations.

Weekly rents are around A$100-A$149 (35% of rents), and A$150-A$199 (35%). Relatively few place rent for more than A$200 a week (14%) or less than A$100 per week (6%). For those who qualify for government housing, the rent is typically under A$100 a week.

Median monthly housing loan repayments = $800-$999
Median weekly rent = $100-$149


68% of population drive to work (or as passengers). Only 4% of population rely solely on public transportation. 99% of household have at least 1 motor vehicle, with 71% owning at least 2 motor vehicles and 17% owning at least 3 motor vehicles.


Blogger sari said...

Thats a tacit report. I learnt so much about WA and Aus when I was attending my Elacs class during matriculation studies. We studied lots about the aboriginals, government, history and its unique culture. WA is a really nice place to live in, particularly Perth.. when Im there, I feel Im holidaying everyday. I have got 2 families migrated there decades ago from Christmas Island. Hee~

January 10, 2005 1:15 PM  
Blogger elin said...

g'day! good luck for perth trip! hope u find some ans and a deeper insight.

January 10, 2005 6:05 PM  

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