Thursday, December 23, 2004

XiaXue and Re-minisce.

From the Babylon5 TV series:

"Understanding is the three-edged sword; your side, their side and the truth." - Kosh to Talia Winters in "Deathwalker"

"I hear you've got a saying: 'Understanding is a three-edged sword.' Well, we've got a saying too: 'Put your money where your mouth is.'" - Sheridan to Kosh in "Interludes and Examinations"

"Just that I've had this feeling lately. That we are standing at a crossroads, and I don't like where we're going. But there's still time to choose another path. You can be part of that process, G'Kar. Choose wisely. Not just for the Centauri but for the good of your own people as well." - Sinclair to G'Kar in "Chrysalis"

Had a small squabble with a friend last night. It was over a relatively trivial matter, and being escalated by an accusation that I was not being rational and taking sides on emotional grounds without considering the merits of the situation.

For all you concerned readers, fret not. I am not in emotional distress.
(It is downright touching to see how many wonderful people there are out there looking out for my well being. And I say this in all sincerity and without sarcasm.)

The same incident - and accusation - made me reflect on my initial irrational knee-jerk response to take sides without considering the merits of the situation. Loyalty? Perhaps. But as my wise antagonist pointed out reasonably, a true friend would be counted on to tell you when you were being an idiot about things.


And I was reminded about this. Wanted to write about when it first happened, but I figure more than three months should be a sufficient time for the involved parties to calm down and look at this rationally. Or more likely that everybody would be too bored by it now to give a damn. Three months is an eternity in Internet time. (That, and I think very slowly.)

I wanted to merely say that I love Singapore, but I also realized that I hate some of the people in here, who mars our beautiful garden city.
These are the JIAK KAN TANG (eat potato) people who meet so often.
Disagree with what I am saying? You hate Singapore? Go away then. But XX country possibly doesn't want you. Come to think of it, either does Singapore. Go stick your skull into a fast rotating fan then, bye!

Don't like Singapore? Fuck off - and we wouldn't miss you.

And the subsequent response to a foreigner suggesting she get more international exposure.

If you are not a local, then I do not blame you for not liking Singapore of course. ...I can understand if u do not like Singapore, for you do not truely belong here.
But pardon me - I will not say anything bad about my country, because it gave so much to me. You will never understand, and thus, I must also say you have no rights to judge whether we Singaporeans should love our country or not.

I hate everyone Singaporean who hates Singapore.

Mail from a foreigner in Singapore

And the response from a kantang which started the whole flame war(s).

I write all this because for some crazy reason, I care.

It doesn't come across, I suppose, in my many dreamy photologs about London. I'm the proto-globalvillager. The neo-citizen with tenuous allegiances, who makes his home where his heart wants to. Someone like, sigh, Xiaxue on the other hand is staunchly nationalistic - her country is her country, because its her country and she will defend it to the death. She will defend her masters land and words from the evil foreigners.

Black and White - Media most Foul

Then read the comments to the posts above.


Sad to say but my personal experiences attempting to discuss Singapore are more inline with the views expressed by the XiaXue supporters. Which is sort of reduced to "Singapore is good / best. If you disagree you are disloyal and / or a quitter. If you do not agree, shut up and go somewhere else".

Dissent (rational or otherwise) is not tolerated in Singapore.
Why bother thinking so much? Sit down and shut up.

Our generation has learnt the lesson very well. Forget about critical thinking. Let us just take sides. I will take the "pro-Singapore side" because I am Singaporen. People on "the other side" are (#insert your preferred insult). Forget about rationally evaluating the situation.

As for me, I am still undecided. I plan to be putting my money where my mouth is. Only problem is I have not decided and am still thinking about this issue. Like I mentioned, I think very slowly.

This exchange (and the unfortunate mini flamewar resulting from it) needs to be recorded. It is important. Exactly how I do not know, but it is important. I need to think more about it.


Blogger Singapore Calamari said...

Haha.. all I can say to XX blog is .. fuck it..

People who want to migrate or don't like SG are kantang ?

Her reasons (I shall refrain from using the word argument, as I find that insulting to people who construct rational arguments) are basically down to :

(1) You are born here, LL must accept.

So I say if you are born in poor family, LL live like a poor and don't try to aspire to be rich. Everyday eat plain rice and please don't even try to look for well-paid job. Stick to making burgers, please. We need people like that.

(2) Where you want to migrate to, people will not like you. And you will destroy that country.

Yes, I fully agree with that idea. Lets send all the Foreign Talents and "Bangala" back, lest our lovely Signapore become like Ang Moh country mixed with Indian - like Rojak. Lets make it all Signaporean, with our caring government. All we need is each other. You feed my stomach, I feed your ego.

(3) SG lack freedom because we have a caring government, and that is because we have stupid and immature people.

I see.. so people in many other countries are born smart and mature, taht is why they can have unconcerned government...

How about we have stupid and immature people because the goverment cares too much about us.

Like the parent that is afraid the child will fall down, so never let the child learn how to walk. In the end, at age 3, when all other kids are running, their stupid child still crawls and needs a wall to stand up.

And end up saying "yeah lor, the child stupid, cannot walk properly, that is why need to protect th child"

Or replace "learning to walk" with "learning to ride a bike" or "learning to drive a car".

(4) But we are mature enough to have cigarettes.

Hey, not even a mention of economic value.

So our government is caring, yet allow cigarettes - our freedom of choice. Who say Singapore No freedom, No democracy. *slap forehead*

The mildest drug. "No immediately extremely harmful". It harms unborn, it harms even others around immediate vicinity of the smoker, even if they do not smoke. Does heroin have that effect ? No !

How about alcohol then ? How many died from drunk driving.. So ban alcohol AND driving ?

I quote "However, if a stupid person decides to ignore the message, the Government can only say they have done their best, and it's the stupid person's choice."

Done their best ? They never ban cigarettes, how can you say done their best ? Chewing gum, never killed anyone yet can be banned. Putting photos is called "done their best" ?

All the arguments are just "I like it. I take it. You cannot dislike what I like. If you do, I hate you."

Hmm.. you like pink ? I do not. Hate me for liking blue ? Stick my head into a rotating fan for liking blue most of the time, and only occasionally I like pink ?

Essentially, that is just plain emotional-talk. If that is not stupid people, I think Singaporean's standard for being "clever" is really below "C" level.

December 24, 2004 1:23 AM  
Blogger C said...

Totally beside your point, but that little snippet off XiaXue's blog you posted - i now FINALLY understand the whole "kantang" deal. I've been wondering about it for quite a while as there was a bit of an uproar in some LJ circles, and totally missed out on the "jiak kan tang" line.

So... thanks ;)

December 29, 2004 5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may seem like XX is abit rude in her approach, but perhaps it's out of exasperation. Those who want to leave Singapore are critical thinkers? But the arguments they offer are exactly like what a taxi-driver may say. These people believe that the toto is rigged, and that Aids is a myth spread by the Gov. Are taxi-drivers critical thinkers, then? How many people really believe that we have a good Government anyway? Ask the "masses" which you so despise, and you're more likely to find someone who agrees with you than not. What is so special and unique about your wish to pack your bags and leave?

I often find people saying that we are boring and small. They then go on to criticise the Government. I just don't see how it is anyone's fault that we are small, and there's nothing exciting to do, like hang-gliding or whitewater rafting. It's a bloody fact that we are small, and safe, which is exactly why the British chose this little state to be a colonial outpost.

If everyone thinks the same way, then no one is thinking. Those people who criticise everything are not necessarily more intelligent than those who see that there is some intrinsic value in their own country, however pathetic the country may seem.

January 02, 2005 2:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have nothing good at all to say about that bitch-fuck Xiaxue.

See, I told you. ;)

GODDAMMIT, she isn't even pretty, and this despite her (er3 xing1) photoshop atttempts!

Here are more synonyms for "Xiaxue":
- whore for attention
- whore for attention
- STILL whore for attention (I don't think I would ever want to pimp her though)
- never mind about that, BRAINLESS
- can she construct prope sentence nevermind she won blog awards right

I can't believe that she won some stupid blog award. Worse still, I can't believe the actual presence of the stupid people who can actually vote for her! Feels so "xia xwue" to be a Singaporean! GNN....

I just said that I have nothing good 2 say about Xiaxue, right?

Feel free to ask me to repeat myself. ;)

March 03, 2005 1:39 AM  
Blogger Xiaxue said...

Hi Singapore Calamari

Most of the things you said are not true. It is your own interpretation of my words - which are wrong (I am not saying it is your fault, maybe it is my bad sentence structures).

For example, I NEVER said that people who don't like SG are kentang. I am saying kentangs don't like SG. A big difference. Get it clear before spewing.

Also remember I am almost always jesting.

This issue is ancient, and I am done with explaining myself to people who delibrately choose to misconstrue my meanings just because they themselves dislike Singapore in the first place.

But I just couldn't let accusations like that go freely. I'd just like to say that what calamari mentioned was totally not what I mean at all.

Knight of Pentacles, glad to see that you actually took time to consider my POV before swepting it away like the rest of the elitist bastards who are so desperate to appear like they are smarter than me.


p/s: A blog reader sent me your link.

March 03, 2005 4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no need to appear smarter than you, my love. ;) One look at your blog entries, and all will be able to tell.

Once again, you prove that you are actually very smart. I'm glad you prove here that your English can be very good also, and that there is no bad sentence structures here at all!

Anyway, I also HATE those people who disklike you. These are the ELITIST BASTARDS! The people who hate you are ELITIST BASTARDS! Knight of Pentacles, I also think that you should get it clear before spewing!

I may like XiaXue, but I like her for a reason. Please get it clear before you spew!

-XiaXue fan #888

March 04, 2005 1:15 PM  
Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

Read on to the next post Cosmopolitan versus Heartlander for the insight I obtained thinking about the issues described in this post.

March 15, 2005 9:40 PM  

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