Friday, December 17, 2004

Subset, Not Sample.

A little meta commentary here...


Calamariforthought was commenting to me (in person) that my blog seems "dark" and "morbid". Did not say as much specifically but the implication was that I am unloading a ton of negative karma here.

Even the SO commented the the blog entries so far have been sounding "solitary" and give the image of someone very alone.

Even had a concerned friend SMS me to check on my mental health, after reading the blog entries and getting the impression that I was depressed.

And now I get an email saying that I should get more interests in life and to stop obsessing on this topic!


To all:
Thank you for all your concerns and you have all been so very sweet to me but... chill out. Relax.

Those of you who know my hobby with the stock market would have an insight on how my mind sometimes works. I tend to look for the worst case scenario first and evaluate if it is acceptable. Then work angles to improve the odds. Pessimist? Maybe. But one approach that has worked for me is to take care of the downside and let the upside take care of itself.

Hence this mental model naturally manifests in blog entries where the negative facets of issues would preponderate.

For the Norman Vincent Peale types who would promote positive thinking... I offer you the Stockdale Paradox.

And for those of you who know me in real life: do me a big favour and keep that a little secret, ey sai beh? Not everybody reacts well when they find out that I may not want to place my bets on the same side of the table as Singapore Inc. Peace and quiet is good, as a rule.

As for obsessing on this topic... see that tagline up there below the title? That is what this whole blog is about - attempting to document and clarify in my head the factors behind this issue I face. It is a significant subset of my life at this point in my life, but by no means are these blog entries a representative sample of my current life.


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