Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Singapore Dream.

Now that the 12 weeks of pre-Christmas commercialism is fully upon us, and at the same time that I will be unemployed and still in debt...

The 'good life' as defined by the Singapore Dream is neatly defined by the litany of the 6 'C's.
Career, Credit Card, Car, Condo, Country Club, Cash...

Or was that last 'C' defined by Caret (as in diamond)? I forget. When I first heard about this, it was the 4 'C's. Then it somehow became the 5 'C's as I was growing up. Guess we had to 'C' some inflation and upgrading along the way. (okay, bad pun!)

Anyway the 6 'C's are what all dutiful Singaporeans are supposed to be striving to obtain. The social fabric of Singapore society and perhaps the entire space-time continuum depends on our following the game plan. And no, I am not about to kick the dead horse and start a rant on the commercialisation of Christmas. Or any bleeding-heart crap about the value of family / friends / love being more important than that material stuff.

I was planning to blog on the materialism run amuck in Singapore. After writing a whole bunch of words, I stopped and realised that Daniel Akst (who writes a regular column in the New York Times) has done a very eloquent piece back in 2000 on the very same subject but from an American perspective. The man says it much better than I ever can - hmm... maybe that is why he writes for the NYT and I write for myself...
Americans Aren't in the Market for Freedom
By Daniel Akst
(mirror site in case NYT site is down)


Blogger Siddhi said...

Fantastic article. Very true.

December 04, 2004 11:36 AM  
Blogger Martijn and Indri Doekes said...

I thought Car came on first place, but further very true as far as I can see after only one month here

May 01, 2005 12:43 AM  

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