Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Significant Other.

I miss my Significant Other. SO is on a business trip to South America and will only be back this weekend, depending on the work and flight schedules. I am starting to miss SO dreadfully even though we have been apart for only 12 days or so to date.

And it is not like we have not been apart longer. The worst stretch was when a business trip I had to London was followed by SO's business trip to Mexico. The total of 12 weeks apart was not pleasant - even though our individual trips were interesting enough as travel experiences go. And of course, there was those many months apart when I took that work assigment in Sydney. I still have a whole stack of used prepaid international calling cards to remember that experience by.

A friend of mine has twice rejected lucrative overseas postings to Australia because he did not wish to risk an important (budding) relationship. I reckon SO and I are a whole lot mercenary than romantic in the sense that we work our relationship around our work and individual family obligations, rather than vice-versa. Suspect our practical slant and our give-and-take attitudes are probably the primary reasons why we have been together for over a decade now.

As friends have pointed out to me repeatedly, SO brings a very important stabilizing influence to my life. We are both perfectly capable of functioning separately as responsible adults but it is just so much easier together. That and I am a whole less likely to get into trouble with SO playing the parent-role when the inner-child in me starts to run amok.

It would be a bad idea for me to live permanently away from SO. Which brings me to the biggest hiccup I face relocating to Australia: SO is indifferent to the Singapore/Australia choice.

We both have significant family financial obligations in Singapore, but those can be fulfilled from any geographical location in our global economy. SO has a much more stable career compared to my errant stream of jobs. SO also has much more emotional ties here than I do.

SO has no intention of leaving Singapore in the short run. SO is not even interested in applying for the PR. And I have no intention of leaving SO. Hence my dilemma.

If I were single, I'd most likely be writing this from somewhere in Australia now. However I do not resent SO as an encumbrance. The joys of couplehood are well worth the price.

But why does it have to be this price? *wail*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because it is the sacrifices we have to make, that make the end rewards all so much sweeter.

Because life is just unfair.

Because you have already made your choice, but find you cannot live with it.

March 08, 2005 7:43 PM  
Anonymous Johnny Malkavian said...

You don't happen to read Leong Ching, do you? She's the only other person I know who uses the term 'Significant Other'.

April 16, 2005 3:59 PM  

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