Monday, October 18, 2004

Freedom? Can Eat or Not?

Newspeak Revisited: The Lexical Management of Political Discourse

For someone with only a rudimentary mastery of the English language, the article would be totally bewildering. Then again, if he published those ideas in the style of Hemingway he would probably be locked up or declared insane faster than you can say 'Ernest Hemingway'.

The article made me think about a couple more words.

Creativity. But creativity within limits, within approved boundaries? Part of creativity is the challenging of boundaries (explicit or otherwise). You are supposed to do everything according to the rules within 'safe' pre-definied boundaries by a methodology taught by 'experts', and you will be... creative?

Democracy. We get to vote (conditions apply) and hence we are democratic. What happened to civil society? 'Nuff said.

Freedom. This one is a tough nut to crack.
I figure the world 'freedom' is sort of like a pronoun. You need to suffix it. As in 'freedom to' or 'freedom from'. Freedom as a word on its own makes no sense to me.

The best answer I can figure out for this one is:


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