Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Official Emigration Reasons.

How does Singapore measure the number of "quitters" and keep track emigration numbers? For the leadership's private consumption of course. Singapore does not publish emigration numbers.

My theory is that the data source is the CNCC (Certificate of No Criminal Conviction) issued by the Singapore police.

Application for PR and citizenships and even for long-stay education visas in other countries often require some form of documentation proof that you have not broken any serious laws in your home country.

The CNCC application requires you to state the purpose, allowing distinction between education, employment, education, marriage, adoption, business, or migration purposes. You are also required to state show documentation from the requesting immigration authories before they will issue a CNCC.

Interestingly, the CNCC application (Question 25) also asks for "reasons for emigrating" and provides a list of "standard" reasons for applicants to tick.

The standard reasons are:
  • High cost of living in Singapore
  • Singapore is too regulated and stifling
  • Better career/ business prospects overseas
  • Better and less stressful education opportunities for your children
  • Prefer a more relaxed lifestyle
  • To be united with close family members who migrated earlier
  • Do not want your son/s to serve National Service
  • Retirement abroad
  • Marriage to a foreign national
  • Uncertain future of Singapore

Of course there is the usual "Others (specify)" box, but I seriously doubt anyone wants to red-flag their CNCC application by selecting it.

Most of us, in the interests of expediency, would select reasons that we believe would not draw undue attention. If you must know, I simply selected the first three items on the list.

Judging by my personal response, I have serious doubts about the accurancy of these "exit polls". How many job-leavers actually expound on their dissatisfaction with their soon-to-be-ex-company in those "exit interviews"? How many going-to-ROD personnel say anything negative about the NS compulsory draft in that "exit interview" just before they hand you back your pink IC?

Perhaps a free-form essay would be more useful for data collection? What would I say in such an essay? Would I be able to even keep it to a reasonable length?


Blogger satay said...

Thanks for your comment, I figured it made more sense and more courteous to write you here. Interesting blog, perhaps your expose could invertly be a guiding light for those who want to migrate INTO Singapore. If you are thinking of migrating, good luck with the process, I hope you find your way out...

September 29, 2004 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fyi i ticked the "others" box.

my reason was "to accompany spouse", and my spouse's reason was "to accompany spouse". :p

August 31, 2005 2:37 PM  

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